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WOW it's been a while

Hello people,

It's been a while. Looking back at my previous journal entry made me feel a little bit nostalgic on how much time has passed since then. Currently feeling gloomy as I need to find another job. I miss my family back home. Hopefully this midyear I'm going back for a holiday and catch up with them. I wonder when is my next post gonna be......

New laptop

Hi livejournal, I just got a new laptop for my studies especially on my upcoming assignments this sem. things seem pretty really hard at the moment, but i'm holding up real tight. Got a job in age care, I can only say it's not easy working there and studying at the same time but I'm hanging on real tight. God bless us always!



It's been a sunny day here, it's a wednesday and i'm off still no job, I think i'm getting used to the uni life but i'm actually pretty nervouse about the Mrs. Brammer assignment. Been really lazy and listened to some drone music to keep me alive. As in weird noise instrumentalisque.I forgot to write here that i now have a personal diary which i will be writing up by the end of each days so i will not post in here as much as i used to, as if i post here always, anyways God bless us all.


Adjusting to a new setting

It's been 2 days now since I arrived here from the Philippines to Brisbane, and I've been thankful to God for giving me this wonderful oppurtunity in life. Thank you for giving me a welcoming aunt and may God bless her and her welcoming family. I've been lost at the main city for a while sine yesterday but my aunt was there to help guide me the way, and now tomorrow i'll be going to uni on my own to attend the orientation. God bless us all. I miss my family so much back home.

... Help me Lord

Today so tired, going to cebu tomorrow to get visa and stuffs, and then this friday i will be going a strange land. I feel a mixture of emotions ranging from anxiety, fear, excitement and determined. help me today God.

New Gorillaz <3

Man i must be the world's biggest jack ass. I did not know Gorillaz released 2 albums last year which are "Plastic Beach" and "The Fall". Listening to their new stuffs now and felt transed. Trip-hop <3 , plus their guest artists are getting better. I'm liking Yukimi Nagano from a band called Little Dragons.

Where the wild things are

Have you guys seen this movie yet? Although i wasn't able to start at the beginning i caught up with the film's plot. It's all about making a movie based from Maurice Sendak's 1963 book Where the Wild Things Are , where Max wears a wolf costume and go to another island to escape the harsh realities of his unhappy family. At the climax of the film i had a single tear drop, very sad movie even for a bad critique like me having able to unveil my emotions. The thing that really moved me most about this story is that no matter how complex your mind is right now, it will always regressed and went back your nostalgic childhood years in life. Another thing is that the soundtrack is made by karen O from the band yeah yeah yeahs, to my surprise really! Btw carol is kinda scary. ;p

Oh and Happy New year to all. My friends and family , May this new year have a great change in my life :)

Advance merry xmas!!

This week a lot of things happened, one of my closest friend came from perth , australia to spend her christmas moments here in bohol and we did a lot of exciting stuffs together ... really happy about it. And then my ielts score was released along with my brother. it was kinda ok but we have to talk to my aunt if the score is acceptable or not. And i also did a lot of washing this past week :) Have a great christmas everyone! I have to post the pics and a video of my friends on the beach maybe next week.

Getting all worked up lately

Today or rather yesterday , since i was blogging 1 am now, was my big return to ielts review. I'm gonna strive hard, harder than ever, but still really lax at home. Felt good to eat chocolate once in a while too. . got nothing to do but write this entry.


Feel sorry for mom

Lately i feel so sorry for myself for being useless in helping mom deal with whatever sickness she is coping nowadays. Did a lot of things today, went to cebu to help my mom with something important. Bought good manga books at a local bookstore and enjoyed reading it quite a lot in the boat trip back home. My post nowadays will be kinda short and precise. I'm off now. no pics though for now.